"Musacchio, whose lowest notes are warm caramel"
John Evans, Music in Other Words, March 2013


An Offbeat Falstaff

The Turn of The Screw in Opera News



".....following the brilliantly performed trio (sung with California Contralto Sharmay Musacchio as the voice of Antonia's Mother...)"
www.operawarhorses.com, March 2017
"..... and the spirit of her departed mother, winningly sung by Sharmay Musacchio. (The role also demanded that Musacchio, in the form of a powder-white statue, stand stock still for around 20 minutes until activated by the Villain.)"
Marc Haefele, Off-Ramp www.scpr.org, April 2017
"Contralto Sharmay Musacchio was powerful vocally and dramatically secure as Dame Carruthers the Towers Housekeeper..."
Sarah Bryan Miller, St.Louis-Dispatch Post, October 2015
"Sharmay Musacchio's rich dark sound and expressive ability made her an imposing Mistress Quickly."
Maria Nockin, Opera Today, October 2015
"Sharmay Musacchio as Mistress Quickly provided characterful and winning singing, and deftly handled funny business both vocally and physically."
Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times, September 2015
"Musacchio sparks several scenes as the sassy, snappy Mistress Quickly."
Falling James, LAWeekly, September 2015
"Sharmay Musacchio as Mistress Quickly played a driving character with her lovely contralto, going toe-to-toe with Falstaff in both trying and succeeding in outwitting the wit."
Georja Umano, LASplash, September 2015
"A Valkyrie onstage..."
Brad Dalton, Stage Director, February 2015
"It was exciting to see the talented Sharmay Musacchio as the neighbor Mrs.Hubbell..."
The Fresno Bee, Donald Munro, February 2015
"The rich-voiced contralto, Sharmay Musacchio is wonderful as the well-meaning, baffled and finally desperate housekeeper, Mrs.Grose."
Anthony Tommasini, New York Times, 2/26/13
"Sharmay Musacchio's firm contralto helped ground Mrs.Grose, the clueless housekeeper."
James Jorden, The New York Post, 2/26/13
"Sharmay Musacchio's full-bodied contralto tones as the housekeeper mixed perfectly to add stark contrasts in the tonal musical line. The drastic transformations Ms.Musacchio's character goes through was well portrayed on the stage."
Scott Frost, BWWOperaworld.com, 3/13/14
"Musacchio shines as the housekeeper with fantastic acting chops and a rich contralto voice that luxuriates in the lower register."
Larry Murray, Berkshire Onstage, 2/26/13
"Sharmay Musacchio was a stentorian housekeeper, Mrs.Grose."
Heidi Waleson, The Wall Street Journal, 3/2/2013
"...contralto Sharmay Musacchio is most impressive with her booming voice as Zita, the Matriarch of the Donati family and does so again in the double bill as the steely-toned Princess."
Albuquerque Journal, 2012
"Musacchio, whose lowest notes are warm caramel...."
John Evans, Music in Other Words, March 2013
"The rich-voiced contralto, Sharmay Musacchio is smashing as a well-meaning, confused and finally unfortunate housekeeper, Mrs.Grose."
Cyprus Today, February 2013
"Excellent as well is Sharmay Musacchio as the housekeeper, Mrs.Grose"
AP, February 2013
"Contralto, Sharmay Musacchio nailed the part of the housekeeper Mrs.Grose, a gentle soul who will eventually become overwhelmed by the supernatural events."
Classical Music Rocks, 2/28/13